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Nebraska Rod and Custom Association's 600 mile Tour Nebraska event in Stromsburg!

  • June 05, 2021
  • 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Uptown Stromsburg

Join us in Stromsburg on Saturday early afternoon to see The Nebraska Rod and Custom Association's tour up close!  We expect 400+ cars to stop in town, in two waves- one around 1:15 and one shortly after.  Visit with the folks on tour while they stop to rest, have lunch, show off their wheels and shop our local shops!  There will be food options around the square and local businesses will be open to shop or dine.  Enjoy the Farmer's Market while you're here- setting up from noon through 2PM or later!  

If you plan to join us uptown, keep in mind that parking will be very limited close to the square.  The area immediately surrounding the square as well as the blocks surrounding Polk Co. Public Power to west of the highway will be blocked off and reserved for the Car Tour.  They'll be lined up in four rows down those blocks.  

As our Car Tour guests will not have a lot of time, we suggest that if you are interested in grabbing a bite to eat in Stromsburg that day, you get in there early as those touring will be grabbing their lunches between 1:15 and 2:15.  That way, you'll be able to enjoy strolling through the cars on display and their owners may find lunch quickly! 

The Car Tour is scheduled to depart at 2:30pm.  Half of them will make a short trip to the Northeast side of town and drive by Midwest Covenant Home so that they may be enjoyed by the folks there!  This will affect 8th and 9th streets from the highway to Ekeley. Anyone along these streets during this time will have a parade to watch!  After this they'll be heading north on Hwy 81 on their way through Central City and on to Aurora. 

This stretch of classic, antique and special interest vehicles will stretch out to a parade about 15 miles long on the highway and take about 20-30 minutes to pass through, depending on location. 

You're invited to check out their website, nrca.wildapricot.org, for the details of their trip, including maps and itineraries for each day!  Help us welcome these folks to our town and  show them why Stromsburg is a great place to visit! 

Porta-potties will be available on the West and East sides of Hwy 81, close to the square.  Businesses with restrooms open to the public will be clearly marked with signs on their doors/windows. 

Businesses open during this event, listed in order from North to South, moving around the square:

  • Klein's Blue River Power & Rental
  • Subway
  • 4th St. Coffee House
  • Primitive Chicks 
  • Lady Enchilada 
  • Roll With It Food Truck 
  • The Town House
  • Frocks & Flowers 
  • Rose Colored Glass 
  • Rally Auto 
  • Ericson's Cash Hardware
  • Fired Up Pizza Stand 
  • The Popcorn Stand 
  • Hometown Economy Market 
  • Larson's Dala Boutique 
  • Yungdahl's Apothecary 
  • Untamed Roan Boutique
  • Anna Street Trolley
  • Spindle, Shuttle and Needle & The Fiber Mill
  • Shuttle to Merrill Homestead & The Creamery
  • Senior Center 
  • Res-Q-Shop
  • Corner Cafe 
  • Casey's 
  • Unlimited Welding
  • West SIde Bar
  • The Farmers' Market will be on the lawn 
  • the Womens' Group will be in the bandstand with tea, coffe and lemonade! 


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